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Swirl SMART Search®

The easy way to find the right bag!

Swirl® has developed the innovative Swirl SMART Search® to make the tiresome search for the right vacuum cleaner bag easier. Swirl SMART Search® is a mobile application that finds the right Swirl® vacuum cleaner bag for your vacuum cleaner in no time at all.

It's this easy!

Have within reach:

  • Your smartphone or tablet
  • Your vacuum cleaner with the data plate on the bottom or back
Start directly (smartphone or tablet only)


Just scan the QR-Code or visit with your smartphone or tablet.

Scan the data plate

Tap on Scan, focus the data plate in the red square and then take photo. You will find the data plate on the bottom or back of the vacuum cleaner.

Alternatively, you can also enter the make and model of the vacuum cleaner manually under Enter.

Your Swirl® Bag

The matching Swirl® Vacuum Cleaner Bag is now displayed.

Bookmark or buy Swirl® Bag

Use the Memo button to remember for later or order conveniently in the Swirl® shop using the Shop online button.

To retrieve the Memo, just open again.

Start directly (smartphone or tablet only)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where can I find my vacuum cleaner's data plate?

The data plate is usually located on the bottom or back of the vacuum cleaner.

What should I be aware of when using Swirl SMART Search®?

Swirl SMART Search® requires a good quality photo. The photo should not be blurred or out of focus. The data plate should be placed in the red square so the vacuum cleaner should not be too far away or too close. The photo should not be too dark, as the artificial intelligence depends on sufficient contrast.

My search did not display any results. What now?

No problem. If, unfortunately, the Swirl SMART Search® is unable to display any results, simply use the manual search feature under "Enter" in the top navigation. Simply enter the make and model of your vacuum cleaner and the matching Swirl® bag will be displayed.

Do I need to download or install anything?

No, the Swirl SMART Search® is an application for mobile browsers. You do not need to download or install an app.

Will Swirl SMART Search® work on my device?

Yes, Swirl SMART Search® can be used with all mobile browsers.

How does Swirl SMART Search® work?

Swirl SMART Search® is based on image recognition software. The text is read from the photo taken and compared with the Swirl® vacuum cleaner bag database. If a match is found, the correct Swirl® vacuum cleaner bag  is displayed.

Does Swirl SMART Search® collect my personal data?

No, Swirl SMART Search® does not collect or store any personal data. You can find more information about Swirl SMART Search® and data protection here.