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Active Freshness

Active Freshness

The citrus system reduces smells in your household waste

The "Active Freshness" garbage bag is not only tear-resistant and tight, but also stands out from other garbage bags thanks to its innovative citrus system.

The Swirl® Active Fresh garbage bags stand out with these properties:

• As soon as there is a development of moisture in the garbage, the odour absorber gets active. He traps the odour molecules and keeps them discretely.
• Leaves a slightly lemony scent
•  With tear resistant 3-layer-film and leak-proof bottom.
• Perfect hold in garbage bin by drawstring, to close and carry.
• In practical sizes of 20l, 35l and 60l, so that it fits into every garbage can.

The fruity-fresh scent of lemon is known to reduce unpleasant odors. Swirl® makes use of this. Thanks to the tried and tested odor absorber, unpleasant odors are prevented and leaves a pleasant and fresh scent of lemon. This absorber is sprayed into the bag during production and thus sticks firmly to the bag.

*tested by an idependent institute.

Anti-Geruch-MüllbeutelFassungsvermögenPackungsinhaltBreite x Länge in mm
20 Liter 12 Beutel 450 x 500
35 Liter 9 Beutel 550 x 630
60 Liter 8 Beutel 680 x 730