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Clean Glasses lens cleaning tissues

Clean Glasses lens cleaning tissues

Streak-free and hygienic

Swirl® Clean Glasses lens cleaning tissues from remove all types of dirt from your glasses quickly and without streaks. The special liquid formula gives you a streak-free shine and even removes grease and water stains. Each tissue is individually packed and releases its full cleaning power as soon as you tear it open. The convenient tissues can be kept in your jacket, handbag or car, so they are always handy and ready to use.

Dissolves grease and removes bacteria

The special grease dissolving formula with alcohol lets you see clearly without streaks. Gently wiping your glasses with the tissue also removes bacteria.

Especially soft and gentle

The especially soft material means that your glasses are cleaned thoroughly and gently.

Ideal for cleaning smartphones and tablets

As well as their many other uses, the tissues are suitable for cleaning smartphone and tablet screens. Not suitable for TFT and LCD displays.

100% compostable tissues

Swirl® Clean Glasses lens cleaning tissues are regarded organically recoverable, both through industrial and home composting. Certified by ISEGA in accordance with EN 13432 and NF T51-800:2015.

Individually packed

To ensure that the tissues are always fresh and moist, they are packed individually in sachets. This is especially practical when you are out and about.

The assortment:

Pack with 10 tissuesPack with 30 tissuesPack with 50 tissues

Instructions for use:

Swirl® Clean Glasses lens cleaning tissues are ideal for glass or plastic lenses, anti-reflective lenses and smartphones, tablet PCs or notebooks. Only use the tissues when they are moist. Please follow  the care instructions in the manufacturer's manual.