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Poop bags from Swirl®

Poop bags from Swirl®

A must for walking the dog

Clean streets, sidewalks, front yards or parks – responsible dog owners always have little poop bags with them each time they take their dog for a walk. But not every bag can actually carry this responsibility …

Doch nicht jeder Beutel kann diese Verantwortung auch wirklich tragen …
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Poop bags from Swirl®

Poop bags from Swirl® can deal with a lot:

  • opaque and extremely tearproof
  • with practical carrying handles to simply close and transport
  • an ideal complement to 'Clean-Hand' from Swirl®
  • contents: 3 rolls with 12 bags

Everything nice and clean: With poop bags from Swirl® i's guaranteed to all go well. Opaque and extremely tearproof poop bags from Swirl® can deal with a lot and with their practical handles they are easy to close and to carry. Because there isn't always a bin nearby. By the way: Poop bags from Swirl® are especially made for practical poop disposal with 'Clean-Hand' from Swirl®.

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