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Swirl® gentle dust brush

Swirl® gentle dust brush

Gentle on everything

Gentle dusting on irregular surfaces is child's play with the Swirl® gentle dust brush due to the soft brush and the strong suction power.

Irregularly structured surfaces with gaps and corners such as shelves and lamps, appliances and books can be dusted accurately with the Swirl® gentle dust brush. The soft brush combines soft brushing with immediate vacuuming perfectly. The dust is not whirled up as happens when using only a brush or cloth.
Gentle dust brush

The perfect combination of brushing and vacuuming

  • Soft brush rim for sensitive surfaces

  • For dusting shelves and lamps, equipment and books

Suitable for low wattage vacuum cleaners

  • All Swirl® vacuum cleaner nozzles are also suitable for 900 watt vacuum cleaners!

Universal adapter Ø32-35mm

  • Practical for almost all standard vacuum cleaners with round suction tube (except Vorwerk + Dyson)



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