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Eco bin liners

Eco bin liners

Environmentally friendly 95% recycling material

If the environment is close to your heart then you will use Swirl® Eco Bin Liners.

Made of 95% recycling material, guaranteed tear resistant and leakproof! A drawstring to pull, tie and carry, to make waste disposal naturally easy.
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Eco bin liners

Think ecologically, help to protect the environment,  without having to do without convenient and practical waste disposal:

  • Produced with 95% recycling material with drawstring
  • Tear resistant & leakproof

Our Eco bin liners offer all the excellent Swirl® features, which help you to run your household the way you like.

Whether you act ecologically from conviction or you just want to contribute something to the environment by the way, Swirl® Eco bin liners are just the right thing. Although made of 90% recycled material they offer the same tried and tested tear resistance and leakproofness as other Swirl® products. And they also have a practical drawstring, making them easy to close. It can be this easy to save the environment! Pull together on the topic of ecology. 

Eco bin linersCapacityPackage ContentWidth x Height in mm
20 litres 18 bags 450 x 500
35 litres 12 bags 550 x 630
60 litres 8 bags 680 x 730