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Anti Calc Bio-Powder

Anti Calc Bio-Powder

Quickly dissolving powder for a great descaling performance

The ideal choice for all those who wish to use the natural power of lemons for descaling, but prefer to use powder rather than a liquid for fast removal of limescale from their devices.

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CITRUS-CLEAN Bio-Descaler Powder

Citrus Power

Natural, organic, powerful: potent yet material-friendly descaling is guaranteed, thanks to food-safe and biodegradable citric acid. The natural power of lemons is strong when it comes to battling limescale, yet easy on your device.

Swirl® Anti Calc Bio-Powder is the perfect alternative to liquid descalers for removing troublesome limescale, harnessing the natural power of citric acid in powder form. The descaling powder comes pre-portioned and it dissolves quickly in water. Swirl® Anti Calc Bio-Powder is all you need for quick and thorough descaling!

Advantages at a glance

  • Quickly dissolving powder for powerful descaling and a longer service life of your appliances
  • Food-safe and biodegradable
  • Convenient pre-portioned product
  • Contains 2 sachets (20 g each) for 2 uses