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Safe cleanliness for small waste binsClean in the bathroom – because they are antibacterial*

The bin liner is not only tear resistant & leakproof. An antibacterial active ingredient* inhibits the growth of bacteria on the bin liner. This makes the bags ideal for use in the bathroom, where it should be particularly clean. Thanks to the practical tie handles, the bin liners are easy to close and carry.

Swirl garbage bags are made of 80% recycled plastic, of wich at least half are resources after use. We are working intensively to further increase the recycling rate in our bags, contributing to the circular economy.
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* Antibacterial

Swirl® Bathroom Tie Handle bin liners contain the biocidal active ingredient phyrithion zinc, which is designed to counteract the presence of microorganisms on the plastic and inhibit the development of odours. Made of 80% recycled plastic - of which at least half are resources after use.

Disposing of waste in the bathroom feels much better when you know that the bags used offer a high level of hygiene. The Bathroom  Bin Liners from Swirl® provide support here, as the film is equipped with an antibacterial active ingredient* which stops the growth of bacteria on the surface of the bag.  Available in the small bag sizes 5l and 10l, the Swirl® Bathroom Bin Liners are ideal for use in the bathroom.

Bathroom Tie HandleFassungsvermögenPackungsinhaltBreite x Länge in mm
5 litre 40 bags 330 x 360
10 litre 37 bags 400 x 430

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