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Airfilter Universal

Airfilter Universal

Ensures clean exhaust air

Swirl® Airfilter Universal is individually adjustable and so fits in nearly every vacuum cleaner with an exhaust filter

The Swirl® Airfilter Universal cleans vacuum cleaner exhaust air. This air may contain rubbed off particles due to the rotation of the motor. This is completely normal, it is not unusual. The Swirl® Airfilter Universal thus ensures healthier cleanliness in the room.
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Airfilter Universal

  • It is quick and easy to fit and ensures your vacuum cleaner's exhaust air is really clean.
  • Made of the finest microfilter non-woven material.
  • Its this easy: Put the used filter on the new Swirl® Airfilter Universal. Draw round the edges and cut to fit. Now just insert the filter according to the appliance manufacturers instructions. Fits! Done!