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UNI vacuum cleaner bags

UNI vacuum cleaner bags

Extra strong for dry dirt

The UNI vacuum cleaner bags from Swirl® are always the right choice when it comes to working with dry dirt.

No matter if fine dust or coarse debris - Swirl® UNI vacuum cleaner bags securely withstand high stress.
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Paper vacuum cleaner bags

  • Bags with 2-layered paper
  • Recloseable retaining plate for a clean change between dry and wet use
  • Fit most standard wet and dry vacuum cleaners
  • What size of bag does your vacuum cleaner need?
    • Check if the suction socket on your appliance is on the lid or on the side.
    • If the suction socket is on the lid you need a UNI 10 (paper) or UNI 10 Net (non-woven PowerNet) bag.
    • If the suction socket is on the side of the appliance, measure the distance from the base to the suction socket.
    • 20cm distance, use UNI 20 or UNI 20Net
    • 20-30cm distance, use UNI 30 or UNI 30Net

Shopping Memo

Each pack of Swirl® Vacuum Cleaner Bags contains a practical shopping memo with the model number, which you can simply cut out and keep, for example, in your purse. Thus, you know what bag type you need when making a purchase.

Paper vacuum cleaner bagsUNI-TypeCapacityPackage Content
10 litres 3 bags
20 litres 3 bags
30 litres 3 bags