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UNI Net vacuum cleaner bags

UNI Net vacuum cleaner bags

Extra strong when it gets rough

The UNI Net vacuum cleaner bags from Swirl® withstand even big loads. For example coarse dirt from renovation work. So you can fully rely on the bag to hold. Fits almost any commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Renovations are fun but often cause a lot of coarse debris and fine dirt. So that this does not become a problem, wet and dry vacuum cleaners are a great help - especially when used with a bag. Swirl® UNI Net vacuum cleaner bags securely collect angular waste, fine dust or wet dirt - such as potting soil or renovation dirt. Thanks to the reliable Swirl® UNI Net bags everything gets clean nice and easy.
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PowerNet vacuum cleaner bag

When renovating or doing other work you often have to deal with heavy, coarse dirt. Good that this bag sucks it all up and holds firm. 

  • Bag for wet and dry use
  • Extra strong non-woven material
  • Reinforced and ultrasonically welded seams
  • Extra tearproof even with sharp and heavy dirt from renovation work
  • Reclosable retaining plate to replace bags hygienically

All our dust bags for wet and dry vacuum cleaners have a universaly fitting retaining plate for appliances with a diameter of 59-70mm.

With this bag in your vacuum cleaner you always have a secure feeling and can simply get on with your work. The right bag for heavy work!

  • And which bag does your appliance need?
    • Check if your vacuum cleaner has the suction socket on the lid or on the side.
    • If the suction socket is on the lid, you need a UNI 10 (paper) or UNI 10 Net (non-woven PowerNet®) bag
    • If the suction socket is on the side of the appliance, measure the distance from its base to the suction socket
    • 20 cm distance then use UNI 20 or UNI 20Net
    • 20cm-30cm distance then use UNI 30 or UNI 30Net

Shopping Memo

Each pack of Swirl® Vacuum Cleaner Bags contains a practical shopping memo with the model number, which you can simply cut out and keep, for example, in your purse. Thus, you know what bag type you need when making a purchase.

PowerNet vacuum cleaner bagUNI-TypeCapacityPackage Content
10 litres 3 bags
20 litres 3 bags
30 litres 3 bags