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Swirl® nozzle for removing pet hair

Swirl® nozzle for removing pet hair

Perfectly clean – simply beautiful

Pet hairs gather on hard floors and stick to carpets.

The Swirl® nozzle for removing pet hair takes care of them all. The secret is six power cleaning Microflor strips combined with suction power.

The great range of pet hairs in the length and thickness of the hair leads to various collections of hair on hard flooring and carpets. Whether it's balls of fluff at the edges of your rooms or hairs sticking to your carpet: with the Swirl® nozzle for removing pet hair, vacuuming becomes childs play. Special microflor strips make the difference between this and other systems and are the unique selling point of this power cleaning nozzle.
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Nozzle for removing pet hair

Especially for removing pet hair

  • Effective on hard flooring and carpets

  • Six powerful Microflor cleaning strips

Suitable for low wattage vacuum cleaners

  • All Swirl® vacuum cleaner nozzles are also suitable for 900 watt vacuum cleaners!

Universal adapter Ø32-35mm

  • Practical for almost all standard vacuum cleaners with round suction tube (except Vorwerk + Dyson)