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Swirl® lens cleaning tissues

Swirl® lens cleaning tissues

A clear view – always and everywhere

You know the problem: Dirt and fogging on your glasses or other lenses can be very annoying.

Swirl® lens cleaning tissues give you clarity in an instant – for a streak free view.

Lens cleaning tissues from Swirl® for the home and on the go, quickly remove all types of dirt from your glasses without leaving streaks. The fragrant special liquid in the tissues ensures a streak free shine and even removes grease and water stains. Thanks to the anti-fog protection they significantly reduce fogging on your glasses. Each tissue is individually packed, so that when you tear it open, the full cleaning power can take effect on glass or plastic lenses. Keep a few tissues in your jacket, car or handbag, then you can make sure you have a clear view always and everywhere.
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Swirl® lens cleaning tissues

Swirl® lens cleaning tissues are the gentle way to clean dirty glasses. Whether you have glass or plastic lenses – our tissues always give a clear view. The many advantages at a glance:

  • Gentle cleaning of all types of lenses with the extra soft tissues
  • Streak free shine in an instant
  • Ideal for plastic and non-reflective lenses too
  • A clear view in every weather thanks to anti-fog protection
  • Individually packed for use at home or on the go
  • Convenient in dispensing box with 30 or 50 tissues
  • Versatile with a variety of uses*

One thing is certain: With Swirl® lens cleaning tissues you will always have a clear view.

*not suitable for TFT and LCD displays