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Storage bags with drawstring

Storage bags with drawstring

Sie schützen Gut. Zum Transport geeignet.

Auch schwergewichtiger Müll bleibt in diesem Swirl® Müllbeutel tragfähig, weil die reißfeste 3-Schicht-Folie ein Überdehnen und Reißen verhindert.

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Storage bags with drawstring
  • extra tearproof, waterproof 3 layer material
  • drawstring to easily close and carry
  • great: 120 litre capacity Swirl®

Swirl® Storage Bags with practical drawstring are highly versatile. For example, you can safely store clothes or garden furniture cushion in them. Transporting or protecting larger objects is also really easy. They can be quickly closed with the drawstring and when tied it becomes a comfortable handle. Swirl® Storage Bags are available with a capacity of 120 litres.

Storage bags with drawstringCapacityPackage ContentWidth x Height in mm
120 litres 10 bags 700 x 1000