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Stiftung Warentest 07/2016

Stiftung Warentest 07/2016

Swirl® schneidet am besten ab

Alle drei getesteten Swirl® Beutel (M 40®, PH 96®, S 73®) sind denen der Originalanbieter ebenbürtig.

Good quality must not always be expensive. outstanding in a test carried out by the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest. It tested 22 brand-named vacuum cleaner bags and rated their performance. Nineteen were from third-party providers like Swirl® and three were original bags supplied by the vacuum cleaner manufacturer. They were tested – and compared with the originals – for handling, dust intake and retention, and fit and durability.

In most cases, third-party cleaner bags were found to perform just as well while costing as little as half as much as the originals. The findings were published in the latest, July 2016 issue of the Stiftung Warentest consumer magazine “test”. Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags were found to perform particularly well. In the overall comparison the Swirl® S73®, M40® and PH96® bags were rated best and found without exception to be equal to the original bags. Vacuum cleaners with Swirl® bags performed as well as with their original bags, and one of the Swirl® bags tested was found to be even better at dust filtration.

Twenty-two vacuum cleaner bags were tested: three original bags supplied by the vacuum cleaner manufacturer and 19 bags available from retail outlets or online. They were purchased in December 2015. Four criteria were tested, each with a different weighting: dust intake (35%), handling (20%), dust retention (35%) and fit and durability (10%).

Wiebke Generotzky, Country Manager Germany, Melitta Europa GmbH & Co. KG, was delighted with the test finding. “The result confirms the high quality of our vacuum cleaner bags,” she said, “which are equal to and in some cases better than the original bags. It also shows that good products must not always be expensive.”

The complete test in german language can be found here:

The maximum of perceptible cleanliness

The Swirl® MicroPor® Plus Anti-Allergen-Filter not only keeps normal house dust safely in the bag, but also allergenic fine dust such as pollen, mould spores, mite faeces and bacteria. For allergy sufferers this means relief from allergenic fine dust in the air.

Dirtlock® for convenient, clean disposal

Especially when changing the vacuum cleaner bag, fine dust can get into the air and harm your health. The Dirtlock® dust closure does what it promises, when you remove the bag, an intelligent closure mechanism safely keeps the dust where it belongs - in the bag.

To protect the environment

Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags with the Pro Nature label are made of 40% recycled material and renewable raw materials. In this way Swirl® makes a contribution to protecting the environment and conserving resources.

Swirl® MicroPor® Plus quality certified by TÜV 

TÜV NORD, an independent test laboratory, tested and confirmed the filtration of fine dust, allergens and germs and also the dust absorption efficiency of using Swirl® MicroPor® Plus vacuum cleaner bags.This also applies to low wattage devices in accordance with EU regulation No. 666/2013-I.

For a long useful operating life

All Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags in MicroPor® quality are equipped with volume dust storage, which prevents the bag becoming blocked and supports a long useful operating life.

A perfect fit

Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags in MicroPor® Plus quality are designed to work perfectly. The rounded corners ensure that the bag fits better and that the space in your vacuum cleaner is used to its full advantage.

Our practical shopping aid

On each Swirl® vacuum cleaner bag pack you will find a practical Shopping-Memo with the type number - to cut out and keep in your purse or wallet. So that you can find the correct Swirl® bag easily the next time you shop.