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Scented bin liner Ocean

Scented bin liner Ocean

light and refreshingly different

Which bin liner reminds you of the vastness of the sea?

We have created it. Cool, fresh and maritime - our Swirl® scented bin liners ocean are not only clean, they also give you a good feeling!
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Scented bin liner Ocean

Swirl® scented bin liners leave a fresh ocean fragrance when you put them in the bin and ensure a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Swirl® scented bin liners are very tearproof and are naturally waterproof.

What a shame that you can't smell the feeling of going on holiday. Our Swirl® scented bin liners are though reminiscent of the cool freshness of the water - and they give off a fresh fragrant breeze as soon as you open your bin. This makes emptying the bin really pleasant! Choose from two sizes: Swirl® scented bin liner Ocean for 5 litre bins (45 pieces) and 10 litre bins (40 pieces). The bags are also very practical: The carrying handles are great for closing and carrying. What more could you want?

Scented bin liner OceanCapacityPackage ContentWidth x Height in mm
Swirl Duft Müllbeutel Ocean 5 litres 45 bags 330 x 480
Swirl Duftmüllbeutel ocean 10 litres 40 bags 400 x 550