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Scented bin liner Lemon-Melon

Scented bin liner Lemon-Melon

A fresh summer breeze

With its carrying handles it is not only incredibly practical – it also smells very good!

Swirl® scented bin liners ensure a pleasant scent with their fresh lemon-melon fragrance.
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Scented bin liner Lemon-Melon

Swirl® scented bin liners leave a pleasant lemon-melon fragrance when you put them in the bin and ensure a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Swirl® scented bin liners are very tearproof and are naturally waterproof.

Enjoy a fresh feeling of cleanliness: Swirl® scented bin liners make it possible! Our 20 litre bags are available in a 20 piece pack. But even with larger bins you don’t have to do without: Swirl® scented bin liners with 35 litre capacity come in 20 piece packs. Two great sizes, a combination of two summery fragrances.

Scented bin liner Lemon-MelonCapacityPackage ContentWidth x Height in mm
Swirl Duftmüllbeutel Lemon-Melon 20 litres 25 bags 480 x 610
Swirl Duftmüllbeutel Lemon-Melon 35 litres 20 bags 650 x 700