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NeutralizAir vacuum cleaner bags

NeutralizAir vacuum cleaner bags

High tech against odours and dirt.

In pet households, the vacuum cleaner is often in action.

Unfortunately, however, the odours also become more intense with every new vacuuming operation. The NeutralizAir® vacuum cleaner bag from Swirl® proves that there is another way.

The NeutralizAir® Vacuum Cleaner Bag from Swirl® thoroughly inhales the dirt, so to speak, but exhales nothing. The animal household will be clean. And: the air is clean as well.
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NeutralizAir vacuum cleaner bags

Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags with NeutralizAir technology:

  • with integrated active carbon pad to absorb smells
  • in tried and tested Micropor Quality
  • with HEPA-Filter for anti-allergenic-filtration
  • Contents: 4 bags and 1 exhaust filter


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