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MicroPor®  vacuum cleaner bags

MicroPor® vacuum cleaner bags

Für ein überzeugendes Saugergebnis.

Die Swirl® Staubsaugerbeutel mit MicroPor® Filtration garantieren eine zuverlässige Staubaufnahme und sind zu 40% aus Recycling-Material und nachwachsenden Rohstoffen hergestellt.
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To protect the environment

Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags with the Pro Nature label are made of 40% recycled material and renewable raw materials. In this way Swirl makes a contribution to protecting the environment and conserving resources.

Dirtlock for convenient, clean disposal

Especially when changing the vacuum cleaner bag, fine dust can get into the air and harm your health. The Dirtlock® dust closure does what it promises, when you remove the bag, an intelligent closure mechanism safely keeps the dust where it belongs - in the bag.

For a long useful operating life 

All Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags in MicroPor® quality are equipped with volume dust storage, which prevents the bag becoming blocked and supports a long useful operating life.

Our practical shopping aid

On each Swirl® vacuum cleaner bag pack you will find a practical Shopping-Memo with the type number - to cut out and keep in your purse or wallet. So that you can find the correct Swirl® bag easily the next time you shop.