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Floor and corner nozzle

Floor and corner nozzle

For many floors and every corner

For many textile or hard floors the Swirl® floor and corner nozzle is up to nearly every cleaning task.

It ensures optimal cleanliness - even in hard to reach corners.

Do you know this situation when vacuuming: Large areas and then narrow corners and hard to reach places. This can make vacuuming very exhausting if you don't have the right tools. With Swirl® quick change floor and corner nozzles this is no longer a problem. As soon as you come to a narrow space, step on the pedal, change the nozzle and carry on until everything is really clean - into the furthest corner. See for yourself how easy life is with the Swirl® floor and corner nozzle.
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Floor and corner nozzle

The two nozzle combination vacuums more effectively. Changing nozzles is fast and comfortable making it really easy to use. And that's the sign of a great product:

  • floor nozzle for large surfaces - corner nozzle for narrow spaces
  • separate or connect by gently stepping on the pedal
  • less bending when vacuuming
  • multifunctional two-joint technology

Try it out! After the first try you'll be convinced and you won't want to vacuum without Swirl® nozzles again.