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Anti-Odour Bin Liners

Anti-Odour Bin Liners

The air is clear

Household rubbish causes moisture to develop. The result: unpleasant smells. The odour absorbers in Swirl® anti-odour bin liners make an end of this and reduce unpleasant smells. Now you can get rid of unpleasant smells really simply: Just throw them in the bin...

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 Swirl® Anti-Odour Bin Liners kill unpleasant smells using an innovative process:

• As soon as moisture starts to build up in the bin the odour absorber becomes active. It binds the odour molecules and discretely keeps them in.
• The natural substances in the odour absorber are highly biodegradable.
• They are completely safe for the user.
• With tearproof 3 layer material and a waterproof base.
• With a drawstring to hold them perfectly in the bin and for closing and carrying.

Simple, fast and safe. Before unpleasant smells develop, the innovative anti-odour bin liners start to act. Developed by Swirl® for you. Tested by an independent institute. Bad smells are a thing of the past.

Anti-Odour Bin LinersCapacityPackage ContentWidth x Height in mm
10 litres 14 bags 400 X 390
20 litres 12 bags 450 X 510
35 litres 9 bags 550 X 620