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Anti Calc Bio Power Concentrate

Anti Calc Bio Power Concentrate

Naturally quick descaling

If the devices should be descaled quickly but also thoroughtly, the liquid bio-descaler is the suitable cleaning agent.

In comparison to powder descalers the Anti Calc Bio Power Concentrade is immediately applicable because of its already dissolved citric acid. In no time obstinate lime deposits in coffee machines, kettles and fully automatic or single portion coffee machines would be removed. The now again brightly clean surfaces guarantee a problem-free heat transfer.

The bio-descaler Swirl® Anti Calc is characterized by its extremly high descaler performance. Due to its highly concentrated formular the Power Concentrate yields incredibly with up to 8 uses.
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CITRUS-CLEAN Bio-Descaler Liquid
  • works reliably even on stubborn limescale deposits
  • quick and practical descaling without waiting time
  • suitable for food use and biodegradable
  • ideal for hot water appliances in the home
  • bottle with 250 ml