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Upholstery deep cleaning nozzle

Upholstery deep cleaning nozzle

Clean inside & beautiful outside

When dust gets into the depths then we recommend using the Swirl® upholstery deep cleaning nozzle.

Thanks to its compact design its full suction power comes into play in gaps and folds such as are found on upholstery and mattresses.

The Swirl® upholstery deep cleaning nozzle rises to the challenge of upholstery, car interiors and mattresses. With its flexible swivel joint and its rotating brush roller, it cleans thoroughly and sucks up dust particles. With its compact design it cleans where other nozzles can't reach.
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Upholstery deep cleaning nozzle

Ideal for upholstery and mattresses:

  • Compact and elegant for car interiors
  • Completely flexible with swivel joint
  • Clean thoroughly with rotating brush roller