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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks for a Clean Household.

Useful tips for cleaning your household.

Window Cleaning

Have you run out of window cleaning detergent? Then use something that is tried and tested: add a splash of vinegar essence or spirit to warm water! Citric acid or vinegar is ideal for removing stubborn dirt.

Swirl® tip:

  • You should not clean windows in bright sunlight because they will dry too quickly and this can lead to unsightly streaks.
  • Dust will not cling to windows or mirrors so easily if you add a drop of glycerin to your cleaning water.

Flooring Care

Wood and laminate flooring are easy to maintain:
regularly wipe parquet and boarded flooring with a well wrung-out mop and occasionally apply a wax coating. Subsequent polishing with a dry mop will increase the shine.
Since boarded flooring is often only waxed, dirt clings to the wood more easily. A little washing powder for white laundry in warm water (40° – 60° C) will help with stubborn dirt. This washing powder contains lighteners.
Dirt and sand particles have an abrasive-effect on wood and laminate flooring – in this case, pre-cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will help.
Dust bunnies, fluff and hair are removed in the process and will not cling to the mop when wiping.

Swirl® tip:

  • scratch-free cleaning of wood and laminate flooring is made easier with the Laminate and Parquet Floor Nozzle from the Swirl® nozzle range. Fitted with a felt glider for scratch-free gliding.

Cleaning Carpets Properly.

Vacuum your carpets regularly, at least once a week.
Loose dirt (sugar, crumbs) can be removed easily with a vacuum cleaner. Dried-in substances should initially be carefully lifted with a spoon or the back of a knife and then brushed out and/or vacuumed. A commercially available carpet cleaning agent should be used for heavy soiling.


  • always observe the carpet manufacturer's instructions and test-clean an inconspicuous area beforehand.

Save and be Environmentally Friendly.

A coffee machine, for example, is used in German households for an average of four years, and then a new one is purchased. Unless a replacement is down to a desire for a change in the kitchen, the service life of a coffee maker can usually be significantly extended with the right care. The most important thing is to descale regularly as doing so not only improves the taste of the coffee, but also saves electricity and keeps the coffee maker working properly.

Basically, the frequency at which descaling should occur depends on the hardness of your water.

Descaling cycles at different degrees of water-hardness:

  • Water-hardness 4: descale at three week intervals
  • Water-hardness 3: descale at four week intervals
  • Water-hardness 1-2: descale at five week intervals

Your water company can inform you of the exact water-hardness in your area.

General rule of thumb:

  • descale once after filtering 40 times. Please observe the care instructions of the manufacturer of the appliance before descaling!