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MicroPor® Plus Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Robot Vacuum Cleaners

MicroPor® Plus Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Robot Vacuum Cleaners

A true dream team for effortless cleaning - the advantages of robotic vacuum cleaners are combined with the benefits of Swirl® MicroPor® Plus Vacuum Cleaner Bags. By using the matching Swirl® MicroPor® Plus Vacuum Cleaner Bag, users of vacuum robots do not have to do without the proven Swirl® quality and hygienic emptying. For the vacuum robots by the brand iRobot with the Clean Base automatic suction station, Swirl® offers the ROB 1®.
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For the sake of our environment

Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags with the Pro Nature seal* consist of up to 65% recycled material and renewable raw materials (depending on the vacuum cleaner bag type). This means that Swirl® helps protect the environment and conserve resources.

The maximum of perceptible cleanliness

The Swirl® MicroPor® Plus Anti-Allergen-Filter not only keeps normal house dust safely in the bag, but also allergenic fine dust such as pollen, mould spores, mite faeces and bacteria. For allergy sufferers this means relief from allergenic fine dust in the air.

Dirtlock for convenient, clean disposal

Especially when changing the vacuum cleaner bag, fine dust can get into the air and harm your health. The Dirtlock® dust closure does what it promises, when you remove the bag, an intelligent closure mechanism safely keeps the dust where it belongs - in the bag.

Made in Germany

Swirl® MicroPor® Plus vacuum cleaner bags are 100% made in Germany.

100% Recycled paper

The packaging for MicroPor® Plus vacuum cleaner bags consists of 100% recycled paper.

Swirl® MicroPor® Plus quality certified by TÜV

TÜV NORD, an independent test laboratory, tested and confirmed the filtration of fine dust, allergens and germs and also the dust absorption efficiency of using Swirl® MicroPor® Plus vacuum cleaner bags.This also applies to low wattage devices in accordance with EU regulation No. 666/2013-I.

For a long useful operating life

All Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags in MicroPor® quality are equipped with volume dust storage, which prevents the bag becoming blocked and supports a long useful operating life.

A perfect fit

Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags in MicroPor® Plus quality are designed to work perfectly. The rounded corners ensure that the bag fits better and that the space in your vacuum cleaner is used to its full advantage.

Our practical shopping aid

On each Swirl® vacuum cleaner bag pack you will find a practical Shopping-Memo with the type number - to cut out and keep in your purse or wallet. So that you can find the correct Swirl® bag easily the next time you shop.

The assortment

NameContentCompatible with

Swirl® ROB 1®


4 bags

iRobot Clean Base

iRobot Roomba i3+

iRobot Roomba i4+

iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot Roomba s9+

*What does the Pro Nature seal stand for?

Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags which bear the Pro Nature seal are made from up to 65% recycled material and renewable resources. But what does that mean exactly?

Recycled material

The recycled material used is so-called post-industrial recyclate or recycled cardboard, depending on whether the bag has a plastic or cardboard holding plate. The plastic holding plates from Swirl® consist of 100% post-industrial recyclate and the cardboard holding plates from Swirl® consist largely of recycled cardboard.

The recycled cardboard is scrap paper and cardboard. But what is post-industrial recycling and how does it differ from post-consumer recycling?

The difference between post-industrial recycling and post-consumer recycling

In post-industrial recycling, surplus material is recycled that accumulates in industry during the processing of new plastics. This is a residual recycling of brand-new material.

In post-consumer recycling (in Germany for example), packaging waste from (private or commercial) end consumers is collected and processed. The private waste consists of completely empty recyclable packaging, which is usually collected in the yellow sack or yellow bin, as well as disposable and reusable PET bottles, which are fed into the recycling cycle via deposit machines.

Why is only post-industrial recyclate used for Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags?

The quantity of post-consumer recyclate currently available is limited due to the high demand. In addition, the quality of this recyclate is often not yet suitable for the production of vacuum cleaner bags. For these reasons, we currently use the better quality post-industrial recyclate, which is obtained from production waste from other plastics processing companies.

Renewable resources

The renewable resources are cellulose which is used for the filter material. Cellulose is obtained from wood. It is therefore a natural and renewable material.