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Anti Calc Bio Pulver

Anti Calc Bio Pulver

Strong against lime - gentle on devices

Naturally biological powerful: The citric acid is not only safe for use in food and kitchen areas and biodegradable but also guarantees a powerful and material-gentle decalcification.

Human and nature harmoniously in household: The Swirl® Anti Calc Bio Descaler corresponds the need, to take care properly for themselves and the environment. The careful usage of electricity can only be achieved by descaled devices because obstinate lime deposits hinder the heat transfer in the inner of the device. With his high descaler performance, the Anti Calc Bio Powder counteracts this problem.
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CITRUS-CLEAN Bio-Descaler Powder

The finely granulated powder ensures a residue-free disintegration and is therefore ideal for the powerful and material-gentle decalcification of coffee machines, kettles and fully automatic or single portion coffee machines.

  • works against stubborn limescale deposits in household appliances
  • lengthens the life of fully automatic coffee machines and single portion machines
  • practical in 2 x 20 gramme bags
  • ideal for ecologically aware households