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Swirl® cleanAir filter cassettes

Top quality for controlled home ventilation

Swirl® cleanAir filter cassettes class G4 and G7 are the perfect solution for safe, clean and energy-efficient air filtration.
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Swirl® cleanAir filter cassettes for clean air in the home

Thanks to the latest folding techniques, Swirl® cleanAir filter cassettes consist of eight times as much filter material per m² as filter mats. The ultra-fine Microtex®Basic and Microtex®Plus fleece securely retains dust particles, yet allows air to flow virtually unhindered through them, saving power and actively saving energy costs!

Their ease of use will impress you: no tedious removal – good riddance to swirling dust! A removal tape on the robust frame makes it easy to change the filter cassettes. Disposing of the filters with household waste is uniquely convenient and clean with the Swirl® waste bags supplied. Fitting is fast and guaranteed to be correct thanks to the air flow arrow printed on the frame.


There are two filter classes of Swirl® cleanAir filter cassettes available

Fine dust stands no chance with Swirl® F7 cleanAir filter cassettes. The cassette filters are ideal for filtering the smallest particles when used as supply air filters. The ultra-fine nano-fibres even retain particles of soot and even pollen! F7 filter cassettes are therefore even ideal for allergy-sufferers.

Microtex® Plus material:

  • Premium filtration performance and dust retention capacity thanks to nano-fibres
  • Filters pollen and dust
  • Minimal air resistance

G4 Swirl® cleanAir filter cassettes are the perfect choice to use as exhaust and air filters for anyone who does not have an allergic reaction to pollen and fine dust. Not a single speck of dust escapes thanks to the finest fibres.

Made of Microtex® Basic material

  • Excellent filtration performance and dust retention capacity
  • Lasting low air resistance

Brand quality – 'manufactured in Germany'

Swirl® cleanAir filters offer you brand quality – manufactured in Germany. Our materials conform to the current European filter standard.

  • High density of Microtex® Basic and Microtex®Plus filter materials made of ultra-fine, dense fibres
  • Filter materials are 100% combustible
  • High-quality, robust frame with installation aid and removal tape
  • Includes practical disposal aid
  • High dust retention capacity
  • Excellent filtration performance at the same time as optimum air permeability – outstanding energy efficiency!

What filter fits your system?

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