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Fine dust and pollen check for your region

What is the level of environmental pollution in your residential area? Find out here!

We cannot easily escape pollution in the air.
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How polluted is your environment?

People are exposed to large amounts of environmental pollution every day. Air sustains us and we literally need it to breathe every day. As we spend the majority of our lives in ­sealed rooms, it is essential that we specifically have clean air for our health and well-being there. About 50% of all airborne particles come from outside and contain fine particles of dust, like soot particles or pollen. Swirl® cleanAir filters help to protect your health.

The fine fibres in the filter cassettes and filter mats reliably filter dirt and fine dust particles from the air, guaranteeing clean air inside your home or apartment.

Air quality in Germany provides an overview of environmental pollution in all regions of Germany. The Federal Environment Agency receives information several times a day about the quality of our air.

Pollen warning for allergy-sufferers

The German Weather Service provides valuable information by means of a kind of early-warning system for allergy-sufferers, who suffer year in year out from hay fever and other allergy symptoms. Find out more about seasonal and regional pollen pollution at

What filter fits your system?

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