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European filter class table

The different filter classes conform to the current EU standard EN 779:2012

Air different from room to room. Different ventilation filters are needed depending on the home, environmental conditions and your individual requirements.
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The European standard EN 779:2012 is the European regulation for "determining the filter performance" of "particle filters for air handling systems". It defines strict test procedures for measuring the filter performance of ventilation filters for various applications (e.g. filters for heat recovery systems, filters for ventilation systems, replacement filters for ventilation or generally for air cleaning). Alongside the minimum degree of efficiency­ or the separation performance, the anticipated pressure loss with full filters and the size and type of filtered particles are also crucial factors. Air filters are fundamentally classified accordingly as coarse, medium and fine dust filters, suitable for different applications.

Here is an overview of the different classes of filter:


Guaranteed tested quality Swirl® filters

The materials used for G4 filter mats and G4 and G7 filter cassettes have all passed the rigorous tests in the European test procedure. They conform to the current filter standard EN 779:2012 and therefore all requirements in terms of exacting technical efficiency.


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